Bornholm - March for Glory and Revenge (2009)

Genero//Epic Pagan/Viking Black Metal
Pais// Hungria


1. Intro - Reconquering the Carpathians
2. The Call of the Heathen Horns
3. From the Blackness of Aeons
4. Mournful Hymns
5. Where the Light was Born (Thule Ultima a Sole Nomen Habens)
6. Light Burst into Flames on the Horns of Baphomet
7. Towering Clouds Over the Fields of Carnuntum
8. Deconsecrating the Spear of Destiny
9. Dreams of Ages

Link's// - March for Glory and Revenge (2009).part1.rar - March for Glory and Revenge (2009).part2.rar

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