Krusader - Angus (2009)

Genero: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
Pais: Brasil

Line up:

Paulo Soares - Guitar
Fábio Thesta - Keyboards
Rick Ricci - Vocals (Skyscraper (Bra), Jesters of Fate)
Raphael Reis - Bass, violin
André Pelegrini - Drums
Kamila Martin - Vocals


01.And Shall Begin The Clan 
02.Cerridwen Wind 
03.The First Warrior 
04.Ice Blood 
06.Part I - Virtutes Septem 
07.Part II - Shall Feel My Sword 
08.Part III - My Heart I'd Give To You 
09.Battle Memories 
11.Marching Overture
12.Holy Metal Sign
13.Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen Cover)
14.Ocean To War
15.The King`s Return
16.Marching Overture (long version)

Link's// - Angus (2009).part1.rar - Angus (2009).part2.rar

Excelente agrupacion brasileña de power/heavy metal .... muy buenas melodias ... muy recomendado.... stay heavy's....

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